What Do You Think?
The Intersection of Everyday Life with God's Word 

by Thomas J. Doubt
Published by  Elm Hill.   
ISBN 978-1-400327447 (Paperback $12.99)
ISBN 978-1-4003277454 (eBook $3.99)

This book presents 52 stories from everyday life. At first glance, the reader may find little relevance to their personal life. Yet each story brings us to an intersection with God’s word where we are stimulated to ponder its application to our daily life.  The book can be read by individuals or used in a small group discussion. 

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Comments about the book

These are a few brief comments about the book from several sources.  The complete comments are on the inside cover of the book.

This book takes readers on an adventure tour. Tom puts his scientific training to great use in describing the marvels of planet Earth and God's creative genius. The true stories draw people in by dealing with life on Main Street, presenting Jesus in a manner today's readers can relate to. The power-packed lead-ins will grab your attention and make you wonder, "How in the world is he going to draw spiritual insights from this?"  

A fellow author in MD.

These devotional thoughts from Dr. Tom Doubt never disappoint. His insightful and inspiring words are always fresh, encouraging, biblical and relevant. 

A nationally known evangelist in NC. 

I have read Dr. Doubt’s devotionals for several years. I am amazed at how he can find so many spiritual truths in everyday news and situations. His knowledge of history and all of the aspects of life is amazing. 

A Senior Pastor in AZ.


Dr. Doubt draws on his varied life experiences and knowledge of history to present interesting and informative stories of current or past events.  Then, often humorously, he points out analogies to our spiritual lives, providing insightful devotionals to help us in our daily walk with God.

A medical doctor in VA.

Easy to read, thought provoking devotions that apply biblical truths to everyday life and current events.

A church lay leader in AZ.